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About Us

Amy has wanted to teach kids to code since she learned to program in high school. She thinks learning the skill and process are so empowering and that coding teaches critical thinking and problem solving while building a love of learning. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois, after student teaching in the Chicago suburbs and attaining certification to teach Math and Computer Science in Illinois. Her graduate studies brought her to Ann Arbor where she met Fahd teaching college students to code in C++. He was an engineer and she studied Education and Computer Science, both working in industry afterwards for software companies.  They have lived in Austin for over 20 years and were excited to open My Coding Place in their community in 2018. They love learning new things, living in Allandale, and teaching kids to code. They are excited as their own kids get older so they can share the rewards of coding with them.   Come be a part of their journey to change the world with STEM skills!



We are a family-owned business with a mission to promote STEM education and innovation. Our goal is to empower the next generation to develop critical thinking skills, engaging them in creative activities to inspire curiosity and confidence. By providing inclusive opportunities, our program aims to bring STEM to diverse communities to prepare all students to thrive in a rapidly evolving technological world. 


Our vision is to be a local leader in STEM education by cultivating a passion for discovery,

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