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Welcome to My Coding Place!

Our mission is to teach young people from ages 7-18 the art of computer programming. We want kids to love coding as much as we do and to be inspired and challenged in a creative environment.

 Live. Laugh. Code.

My 9 year old LOVES this after school class. She's already teaching her friends at school what she learns each week. I'm so impressed by what she's learned and how excited she is each Monday to attend this class!

- Terri R.

Robotics was a good camp. I learned how to build a robot and to program it. The robot assembly was a challenge that made it fun. The kids in the camp were very nice and we became friends quickly. You should go to My Coding Place to learn cool things. 

- Saarim S, age 9

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My Coding Place offers multiple programs for kids ages 7-18 to teach them how to code.  In any program, students will thrive in a playful, challenging learning environment where they work with coding instructors committed to excellence in education. 


Choose To Learn With A Group

One instructor leads a maximum of 6 kids per class in creating projects. Classes will be one hour a week after school or on weekends. Topics range from Scratch to Python to Web development and other interesting topics. 

These classes are held at our studio or in select schools. Book a trial lesson to find out more!


Choose Private or Semi-private Lessons

One instructor leads a maximum of 2 kids in creating projects. Lessons will be one hour a week after school or on weekends. Topics are customized depending on the interest and level of the child.

Semi-private lessons can be arranged with friends or will be arranged by us. Book a trial lesson to find out more! 


Join Coding Camps When School Is Out

We offer seasonal camps during school holidays.  Topics range from Artificial Intelligence to Robotics, Python, and Mobile Development. Book a trial lesson to find out more!


Add a Lab To Your Class or Lesson

Coding Lab is an hour to come to My Coding Place to work on independent or MCP projects and get help from the Lab instructor if needed. Book a trial lesson to find out more!

If you have questions or need guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

512-593-2729 or


Our view is that using software to teach coding, whether face-to-face or online, is like using books or videos.  Print and electronic media can be effective but should ideally be supplemented with live instruction. Teachers and mentors will have the biggest impact and be the most positive influence in a child’s coding journey. To that end, we keep student-teacher ratios low and hire coders on our team, people who love to code and who were or are being trained in Computer Science or related disciplines. Our instructors range from UT students studying Computer Science to professional software developers and consultants who want to pass it on.  

Learning to code requires building projects that introduce new principles and building more projects to reinforce those concepts. We use various platforms - not only websites but robots such as Ozobot and Makeblock, micro controllers such as Arduino and single-board computers like Raspberry Pi - to put programming into practice while focusing on learning different languages such as Python, Java, Javascript, and C++.  


Dedicated. Driven. Passionate.

Amy has wanted to teach kids to code since she learned to program in high school. She thinks learning the skill and process are so empowering and that coding teaches critical thinking and problem solving while building a love of learning. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois, after student teaching in the Chicago suburbs and attaining certification to teach Math and Computer Science in IL. Her graduate studies brought her to Ann Arbor, MI where she met Fahd when they were both teaching college freshmen to code in C++. He was an electrical engineer and she studied Education and Computer Science, both working in industry afterwards for software companies.

Fahd leads product management and Amy last worked at Deloitte and Oracle to enable businesses with technology. We have lived in Austin for 15 years and are excited to open My Coding Place in our community. We love learning new things, living in Austin, and teaching kids to code. We are excited for our own kids to get older so we can share the rewards of coding with them! 
Come learn with us!

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